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Typically open Thurs-Fri 3-8 , Sat 12-8 and Sunday 1-7 .  Private events often alter this schedule  


Bad weather and family time  outside events may alter our schedule, check our Facebook and Instagram for updates.  Email us at or call 540-204-7737.  We are closed on Mon, Tues and Wed, except for special events.

Parking at 1318 Riverland Rd, SE, Roanoke, VA

Close to Greenway and Mill Mountain Trailhead in SE Roanoke, VA

Locally Owned and Managed

So many people have asked how we got into this business... so click here for more information about us

CALL 540-204-7737 to order a Chillin' at Home Kit

We now offer our ice in a fun Chillin' at Home kit.  Two sizes available.  Includes, cooler, ice, scoop, cups, spoons and 3 flavors.  Add a toppings package if you want sweet cream, sour spray, gummies and gumballs